Genesee County Chamber of Commerce Loan Program

Are you thinking about starting or expanding a business in Genesee County? Maybe we can help. The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce has available a micro-enterprise loan program for small businesses located in Genesee County.  The program is designed to augment private funding sources or provide capital when other funding sources are unaffordable or unavailable. While standard commercial lending policies apply, interest rates, collateralization requirements, and repayment terms feature affordability and flexibility generally not offered by banks.

The program objectives are to assist in the establishment, expansion, and retention of small businesses in Genesee County; stabilize and strengthen downtown commercial districts; provide essential goods and services to local area residents; create employment opportunities; and preserve and expand the County’s tax base.

Eligible borrowers must be micro-enterprise business owners, defined as a business having five or fewer employees, one or more of whom owns the business.  Funds may be used for any legitimate business purpose including, but not limited to, capital equipment, inventory, working capital and expansion/improvement of commercial space. 

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunity organization and therefore will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, political affiliation, disability, or any category designated by Federal law. 

For applications and/or program details, click on the links below or contact the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce at 8276 Park Road, Batavia, 585-343-7440.